Wex Photo Video (Calumet)…

“Calumet has a long standing relationship with John and is proud to offer his outstanding seminars across our stores. John’s wealth of knowledge and experience, coupled with his professionalism and enthusiasm for photography offers our customers the highest standard of teaching.” Reece Piper – Head Of Calumet Retail.


Since 2008 in conjunction with Calumet, we have provided a wide range of seminars and workshops.

These include numerous studio llghting events aimed at the beginner through to advanced users, both professionals and enthusiasts level.

Other studio lighting courses include those for shooting fashion, product and boudoir.

Thank you to those who have attended and given such wonderful feedback.

In addition, our very popular portable (strobe) flash workshops and seminars are a regular feature. Again we offer different courses for various levels and subject interests.

Various forms of people photography and product photography, the technicalities of metering and exposure, all have John Clements events dedicated to them at various Calumet branches during a calendar year.

And as with the majority of my workshops, these are designed to be interactive, and we often undertake real shooting as we go, so delegates can see the results as things progress.

In 2017 Calumet merged with Wex Photographic to become Wex Photo Video, although the retail stores at the time or writing will continue to trade under the ‘Calumet’ name.

Calumet has a long history of supporting the enthusiast, the professional and aspiring professional. It has branches in the following UK cities.

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Belfast
  • Birmingham
  • Bristol

  • www.wexevents/symple_column]