Memory Lane (2) Fujichrome…


                    A New Kid On The Block... Few using stand alone cameras have not heard of Fujifilm. But it was largely an unknown brand in the UK, until gaining momentum during the 1980s. It was then I first came into contact with its products. And like [...]

Memory Lane (2) Fujichrome…2020-05-22T16:58:56+01:00

Flashbender – The New Products…


The Rouge 'Flashbender' products are one of two brands I use for much of my Speedlight photography. The range has now been updated. Not sure how long before in practical terms they become available, but here for now are the official details. Once I get a chance, I will give an opinion. But honesty is [...]

Flashbender – The New Products…2020-04-14T01:19:14+01:00

The Power Of An Image…


As we progress through these unique times, we will of course be bombarded with both stills and moving footage (both physically and emotionally). It must make a Picture Editors job difficult. On the one hand, hard hitting imagery can upset, but do we not need this is to a degree to help communicate the seriousness [...]

The Power Of An Image…2020-03-23T10:59:26+00:00

Going Forward Together…


I want to thank all of you who have booked on our workshops going forwards. And the many who have been on such events in the past. I had hoped to run one more workshop tomorrow before posting this. But unfortunately, one of the team has developed a cough in the last 24 hours, so [...]

Going Forward Together…2020-05-20T15:21:43+01:00

NEC Photo & Video Show Postponed…


By now, many may already know that the NEC Photography Show & Video Show, scheduled to take place between March 14th and 17th has been postponed until September. I have been a presenter at the annual NEC show over most of the last thirty years or so. But this year was only planning to visit [...]

NEC Photo & Video Show Postponed…2020-03-10T13:45:46+00:00

STC Gets To Grips With Olympus…


Many people like Micro Four-Thirds  cameras for their smallness and portability. Personally, I have always thought them  too small for me, you can have a camera that is too small as much as too big. So I would add a grip if one was available. STC have today announced such a folding product for the [...]

STC Gets To Grips With Olympus…2020-02-17T15:59:18+00:00

New ‘Z’ Series Optics From Nikon…


Nikon have also today announced further lenses for the 'Z' system. I think at the moment they are riding the two horses of 'F' and 'Z' systems quite well, but manufacturing capacity must be up against it. And until the range of 'Z' system cameras, lenses and accessories grows, it will be seen for all [...]

New ‘Z’ Series Optics From Nikon…2020-02-12T13:52:10+00:00

More Nikon D6 Details…


Nikon have today announced further details for the flagship 'F' mount camera the D6. I remember from my time with the company, just how important the top model is, particularly ahead of The Olympics. But today, in the overall scheme of things, it is more niche than some of its predecessors? Makes sense though to [...]

More Nikon D6 Details…2020-02-12T13:01:33+00:00