Leica Forming A ‘Q’ For Monochrome…


Leica as I have mentioned before, is probably the brand that divides opinion like no other. At least that is the conclusion I have arrived at after my decades in the world of photography. Pro's and con's of course, depending on your point of view. Not always the easiest company to communicate with, but one [...]

Leica Forming A ‘Q’ For Monochrome…2020-11-11T15:20:16+00:00

By Invitation Only – ‘When The Lights Go On Again’…


Since before and after the first UK 'lock down’, I had taken the decision to suspend our events. Things simply did not look safe or practical enough. And of course, venues have also been largely off limits. But in recent months I have been flattered by people asking about when our physical events may [...]

By Invitation Only – ‘When The Lights Go On Again’…2020-11-18T11:17:37+00:00

Canon Builds On Popular Optics…


Canon today announced two aditions to the RF lens line up. They are not alone in scaling up popular focal lengths and maximim aperture options that have served them well in sales with thier previous mounts. It makes sense giving people an easy road map of optics to follow as any new system develops. Here [...]

Canon Builds On Popular Optics…2020-11-19T15:09:55+00:00

HASSELBLAD FIRMWARE 1.4.0 For X1D II 50C, 907X Special Edition and 907X 50C cameras…


  Hasselblad today announced a Firmware Update for the X1D II 50C, 907X Special Edition and 907X 50C cameras. Useful editions, especially the distance scale in 'Live View'. Why many manufacturers took off distance scale information from lenses in the past, or in some cases, not included them on mirorless cameras display's, I have always [...]

HASSELBLAD FIRMWARE 1.4.0 For X1D II 50C, 907X Special Edition and 907X 50C cameras…2020-10-29T18:52:45+00:00

Canon Printer Passion…


Canon has announced the PIXMA Pro 200 printer. There is something many enjoy about having the full workflow under control from capture to output. Sadly, sometimes professionally, the volume of work and or printed material needed makes using an external lab the logical option. And of course, the non professional in the past has largely [...]

Canon Printer Passion…2020-10-23T15:16:21+01:00

Canon So Right, But So Wrong?..


Last week I posted the details of Canon's EL-1 Speedlite. I stand by what I said. On paper, this is a very impressive unit, probably the finest Speedlite/Speedlight yet, building logically on the features that portable flash benefits from. I was thinking specifically with my 'working hat' on as a professional photographer and many decades [...]

Canon So Right, But So Wrong?..2020-10-29T18:42:16+00:00

Canon Launch Impressive EL-1…


Having been involved for many decades in and around the world of photography, some things still put a smile on my face. One is the regular occurrence of Canon or Nikon unveiling some important products, such as cameras, while on the same day, or close too, the other launches in a smaller way one product [...]

Canon Launch Impressive EL-1…2020-10-22T16:13:26+01:00

Nikon 6’s & 7’s…


Nikon today announced the second generation of the full frame Z6 & Z7 cameras. Undoubtably these are needed as the company faces stiff competition particularly from Canon and Sony. I have of course used the Z system and can see that without this upgrade, future cameras would have just made the originals seem even more [...]

Nikon 6’s & 7’s…2020-10-22T13:59:14+01:00

New Canon Firmware…


Canon has announced firmware updates for a number of its top products. Here are the official announcement details: Canon announces EOS R5 firmware version 1.1.0 and future firmware plan for EOS-1D X Mark III and EOS R5Firmware update available to download from today, 27 August 2020 London, United Kingdom, 27 August 2020 – Canon Europe [...]

New Canon Firmware…2020-10-22T14:07:41+01:00

Canon Wins Numerous EISA Awards…


Canon has been widely regognised in this years EISA awards. Reward for pushing products on in various areas of photography.I have written previously about my thoughts on various awards like these, and have yet to meet anyone who has told me they based a buying decision on them. But good PR never the less.Awards are [...]

Canon Wins Numerous EISA Awards…2020-10-22T14:16:12+01:00
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