Sigma Add 35mm Designed For Mirrorless…


For those using Leica 'L' Mount or Sony 'E' mount cameras, there is a newly designed 35mm F/1.4 'Art Series' lens from Sigma. On full frame cameras, some regard this focal length as a moderate wide angle, others a standard lens. Which is a whole debate it's self for another time maybe. But the promise [...]

Sigma Add 35mm Designed For Mirrorless…2021-04-27T17:21:39+01:00

Film Fantastic?…


Digital photography is obviously the main choice for today’s photographers. And I have been involved in it for a very long time as mentioned (See About). © John Clements. So I fully appreciate the amazing tool it is. And have been pleased to advise and teach about digital camera technology, software and more, for some [...]

Film Fantastic?…2021-04-18T20:47:16+01:00

Canon Announce R3 And Lenses…


As alluded to in a recent post, there is a lot of new tech coming down the line, as manufacturers aim to make up any lost time due to the pandemic. Today, Canon announce details of the R3 camera under development and some 'R' mount new lenses, alongside a Mobile File Transfer smartphone app.The technology [...]

Canon Announce R3 And Lenses…2021-04-15T12:39:29+01:00

HRH The Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh…


When the BBC interrupt their radio stations programming, those of us old enough to have witnessed this before, know an important announcement is about to be made. It is with sadness therefore I heard about the passing of HRH The Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh this morning. Thoughts are with the royal family especially, but [...]

HRH The Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh…2021-04-18T21:33:13+01:00

Something For Everyone…


Camera manufacturers have plenty of new products to entice, as we navigate an uncertain economic journey. Some announced, others will follow, but a lot will arrive this year. But manufacturers, certainly the main ones, have driven themselves down a cul-de-sac pretty much. It is all about more high tech. It is fortuitous timing therefore that [...]

Something For Everyone…2021-04-05T17:07:05+01:00

Pentax Announce K3 Mark III…


Many would feel I have been very fortunate during my career, in that I have shot with vast numbers of cameras over the decades. One brand I have a lot of time for is Pentax. Medium format cameras and many 35mm models have served many well through the last century and into this. I particularly [...]

Pentax Announce K3 Mark III…2021-04-05T16:05:28+01:00

Nikon Supports Enviromental Cause…


Something occasionally comes along that you feel in sympathy with. That is the case for Nikon's support for The Environmental Photographer Of the Year award 2021. Below are the official announcement details. John (30/03/21). NIKON JOINS CIWEM & WATERBEAR TO LAUNCH ENVIRONMENTAL PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR COMPETITION London, United Kingdom, 31st March 2021: Nikon has partnered with [...]

Nikon Supports Enviromental Cause…2021-03-31T13:07:51+01:00

Canon Updates Top End Firmware…


Canon has updated the features and performance across a variety of it's professional cameras via firmware updates. Here are the official details. John. (30/03/21). Canon releases firmware update for selected professional cameras to streamline workflows Building on user feedback, Canon’s firmware unleashes new photographic and video possibilities for the EOS R5, EOS R6 and EOS-1D [...]

Canon Updates Top End Firmware…2021-03-31T10:36:16+01:00

Canon’s Popularity Continues…


There is no denying that Canon is a popular brand. When it comes to cameras the track record in sales says it all. Canon today reiterated this with a press release outlining it's phenomenal sales over the years. As mentioned before, I think we are heading for a Canon/Sony dominated sales place. Not too say [...]

Canon’s Popularity Continues…2021-03-29T12:19:23+01:00

Blooming Marvellous…


Spring is showing, gaining strength and blossom is developing. Professionally, my main focus has been people and commercial photography. But I love the natural world, and have lived a ‘green’ life during my adult life as much as is practical in our modern society. But I decided early in my career, possibly even while still [...]

Blooming Marvellous…2021-04-02T12:10:14+01:00
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