Nikon UK Ltd

“At Nikon UK we have the utmost respect for John. His technical knowledge and photography skills, alongside his personality and presentation style, make him a first class host for much of our seminar and workshop activity”.


Jeremy Gilbert. Group Marketing Manager Nikon UK Ltd.


Nikon Logo copyAs mentioned under the ‘About – What We Do’ section, I was extremely proud to work for Nikon Corporation for a number of years as their ‘Advisor Of Photography’ for the UK.

I remain both amazed and proud, that they continue to utilise my skills these many years (decades) later.

My aim as their ‘Senior Evangelist’ is simply to help spread an understanding of their products, and the best real world use of them. We guide people so they can maximise what they get from as much as possible of their investment. We do this at various locations around the UK.

I have provided a range of specific ‘John Clements’ workshops and seminars for them, combining my knowledge of the system with my decades of experience as a professional photographer working with it.

Often today these see us around the country at various photo trade show or Nikon retailers events, where end users can benefit from seminars and workshops.

Hove Complet Guide AF Nikkor LensesSo I try and keep a high level of expertise up to date. And with such, an in depth involvement with, and knowledge of using it.

I find it interesting watching where it has come from, and is going.