“We are very pleased to be working in partnership with John Clements in the Profoto Lighting School.

John has for a number of years designed and delivered photographic courses that cover a wide spectrum from digital capture through to lighting.

He also has a well-earned reputation for imparting his extensive photographic knowledge in a concise manner that is tailored to the ability and needs of his audience. John uses Profoto Lighting for his commercial commissions.

With that product experience, we see the “Profoto Lighting School with John Clements” as a perfect marriage of our high-end world wide renowned lighting with John’s photographic knowledge and superb course delivery”.

Paul Legg Managing Director Profoto UK.


Over decades I have been fortunate to use many brands of lighting equipment, either because I have owned it, rented it, or simply reviewed and tested the product.

At the time you are unaware that a vast reservoir of knowledge is accumulating.

But after some years, you can really see where certain products and brands are truly ‘tools of the trade’ from the ‘pro’s perspective.h2809_Argb_005_B1

To the enthusiast, ‘Profoto’ was always as well known as some, but that has changed since I started working with them. But be in no doubt, many of the worlds greatest photographers swear by it. And significant amounts of top-end photography is accomplished with Profoto lighting.

For example, it is the lighting brand of choice for many major Professional In-House photo studios. But without question, Profoto has earned its reputation in the worldwide fashion market. Among others, world prominent fashion photographers in London, Milan and New York for example, use it extensively.

And in many larger cities it is an in demand daily as a relied upon hire item, by those in the know. h2881_Argb_001_Airsync

In my experience, not only is it made to exacting standards, but the whole concept of the light, its quality and control, seem perfectly in tune with those for whom photography is more than a job, and where ‘average’ will not do.

I started working with them in 2011 and since then they have continued to make high quality products to a wider and wider range of photographers.













Car Image: Lit with Profoto D4’s and Prohead Plus flash heads, using various light shaping tools.


ProFoto Photographer…

My approach to working with photographic manufacturers is that I only do so, when I use their products. Hence my long and continued association with Nikon for example.

Likewise with Hasselblad in the UK in the past.

It is just too mercenary to put your name to something when you do not. At least that is my ethos.

So I am both flattered, and humbled to say that during the summer of 2014, ProFoto invited me to become one of a very select group of photographers from around the world, to become involved in an ongoing project with them.

A couple of trips followed during the following months to their HQ in Sweden, to help make sure we were all completely up to speed with the design, ethos and potential uses of their amazing product line up.

And, as I had been using Profoto since around 2000 professionally, I was very pleased to do so, and join other photographers from Europe, Australia, Asia and North America.

It goes without saying that I am looking forward to working with ProFoto further going forward.