When: Friday February 28th 2020.
Where: Park Cameras, West Sussex.
Level Of Content: Intro/intermediate/Advanced.

‘Studio Lighting School  ‘Portrait Photography’ Workshop.

Photographing people is the most popular of subjects. But to do it well combines many skills such as lighting, composition and good guidance.

So join us on this workshop to create a wide range of lighting skills and techniques for different needs. Enabling repeatable and enjoyable results.

Easy to follow step-by-step, this inspiring day is equally suitable for those starting out, simply wanting a recap, or the pro, seeking a refresh and some new ideas – you will also create and take home with you some fine images.

You will leave with a a genuinely useful understanding of studio lighting, how it works, and how to shape light with it, to suit various face and body shapes, from the individual to small groups.

This course will cover some of the following topics:

  • Understanding studio flash
  • Camera settings for studio lighting.
  • Using a light meter for simple and advanced studio lighting arrangements.
  • Real world practical guide to using reflectors, umbrellas, soft-boxes and other common accessories for people photography.
  • Practical step – by – step sessions throughout
  • Repeatable and practical lighting arrangements for repeatability, inside and out.

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End (27/12/19).