When: Saturday March 21st 2020.
Where: Park Cameras, West Sussex.
Level Of Content: Intro/intermediate/Advanced.

Studio Lighting School – Art Nude – Photography Workshop

Lighting quality and character are as we know, often the key to creating the best image.

Art nude photography is one of the oldest, and most established genres that creative and considerate lighting only enhances.

With clear indications of the best like shaping tools, their placement, planning a session, composition and more, this is a comprehensive workshop on this wonderful subject.

Learn how to light different body shapes to best effect with studio lighting, and ways to create various looks for the most productive set of images.

Delegates are requested to bring their cameras plus lenses from around 50mm to 200mm or similar in coverage (full frame). A macro or micro lens within that range is also a useful solution. Other choices are optional.

Some Of The Content Includes:

  • Creatively sculpting your subject with light.

  • Using the best light shaping accessory for the desired effects.

  • Posing techniques.

  • Planning a session and finding the right location.

  • Into post-capture.

  • Practical sessions throughout.

Please bring your camera, flash and a lens. A ‘Macro’ lens is ideal (around 100mm on full frame), plus plenty of storage space as this day has ongoing practical shooting components to help cement the content throughout.

Further details and how too book via our partners booking page please:

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