When: September 7th 2019.
Where: Park Cameras, (West Sussex).
Level Of Content: Intro/intermediate/advanced

Speedlight School ‘Flashes Of Inspiration’ Workshop.

Thousands have now been on this course or similar over a period of  the fifteen years.

It continually ticks all the important boxes for those wishing to get to grips with just how good Speedlights/Speedlights can be.

A wonderful introduction for the beginer, but equally the enthusiast and pro. It simply goes way beyound instruction boks and on line tutorials with real world hands on techniques, alongside the technical overviews of Speedlight/Speedlite operation.

Unlike our other portable flash workshops, this one is ‘generic’ so siutable not only as a foundation before attending those, but alos for those who wish to use flash with numerous subjects inside or out.

Some of the content covered includes:

  • A overview of flash and how it works.
  • Understanding your flash unit’s controls and information displays.
  • Understanding your options with camera exposure modes and other camera settings combined with flash.
  • Flash unit exposure modes – what they can and can’t do.
  • Get the best ‘in hotshoe’ results.
  • Working with flash inside & out.
  • Understanding & using fill-in flash.
  • Demonstration of lighting quality, and how to control it.
  • Real world guidance and demonstration of practical lighting solutions for common situations.
  • Wireless off camera flash shooting – shaping your light and subjects.
  • Useful third party light shaping tools.
  • Q & A throughout.
  • Course Notes Supplied

Suggestions To Bring:
Delegates are requested to bring a camera, a Speedlight/Speedlite and a lens of choice between 35mm and 85mm (Full frame) or equivalents. A ‘macro’’ or ‘micro’ lens of similar focal lengths is also ideal. If desired, wider angle or longer focal lengths are optional but not a necessity.

For further information and or to book please follow this link to our hosts Eventbrite page:

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End (01/08/19).