Since before and after the first UK ‘lock down’, I had taken the decision to suspend our events. Things simply did not look safe or practical enough. And of course, venues have also been largely off limits.

But in recent months I have been flattered by people asking about when our physical events may start again? I appreciate how many miss them and an opportunity to advance their photography, have fun, and create some amazing images.

Our ‘By Invitation Only’ (BIO) days are top of the tree in this respect. So after much thought, planning and discussions with the special venues we use for these, I was pleased to offer some dates for this month. Delegate numbers, although deliberately never large are reduced further. Some structural changes have also been made to comply with safety guidelines. But with at least the same enjoyment to be had as before.

I also decided to reduce the price for each ‘BIO’ event, at least until we can return to our original formats, if we decide to do so. Spaces were all taken.

Unfortunately the second ‘lock down’ in England put plans on hold again. Thank you though to everyone booked for your understanding. We need to be flexible if we are to do our bit and help the national and international effort of course.

As a consequence, a limited number of dates have therefore been pencilled in for next month, in the hope we can try again. We are starting with a wonderful location in Sussex, not far from London. We will add more dates and locations as and when practical.

Our alternative ‘standard’ events are always very popular. But none of our venues used wish to start physical courses again just yet. I respect that, so as and when. I will in the meantime keep looking at other options that may fit for our standard events.

So at present, the spacious and photogenic options of our ‘BIO’ locations are more practical. Consequently I am making one further change as we progress through these unique times.

I have decided to offer some limited dates at our lovely locations as ‘Open Invitation’ for anyone. So even if you have not been to a’standard’ workshop with me previously, you can now enjoy the extra special content of our ‘BIO’ days. Please be aware though, these are not for those beginning their photographic journey, or have yet to understand the equipment they wish to use.

They are 100% photography focused, shooting quality images. All events include model releases when all or part of the ‘theme’ is people based. We share skills simply hard to find or practise on any physical course, or online option. Nothing beats an event for being there and doing things for ‘real’. You will among others, get plenty of shooting opportunities in a relaxed, supporting and inspiring atmosphere.

If you are therefore interested in these ‘Open Invitation’ events, please use the usual ‘BIO’ registration option. But indicate under previously attended courses ‘none’ or ‘Open’. It is free to do so. We never send any other communicatioin material. Any invite sent to you can be declined. There is no hard sell as it is simply not our style.

In the short term I hope these plans offer more people a chance to enjoy, advance and explore they’re photography. While maintaining as much safety and flexibility as is possible.

And if in our small way, we can help support venues and peoples jobs, then we can all benefit from a photography day out.

John 09/11/10.