Canon launches four new RF lenses – expanding the line-up’s capabilities to super-telephoto photography – plus two RF extenders

Lightweight[vii] and compact, the lenses are shining examples of the possibilities of Canon’s RF Mount. Using Diffractive Optics, combined with the RF Mount and a fixed f/11 aperture, both lenses highlight Canon’s excellence in optical technology innovation. Having been completely re-thought and redesigned, both lenses are significantly smaller and lighter compared to existing EF super telephoto lenses. Equipped with a retractable barrel structure, the lenses are extended in use and easily retracted to be stored neatly[viii] – ideal for travelling photographers who have minimal kitbag space.

Boasting STM technology, both lenses offer extremely quiet and perfectly smooth focusing – excellent for video recording, as the lens operation noise is kept at a minimum. Adding to its ease of use, the Lens Control Ring on both the RF 600mm F11 IS STM and RF 800mm F11 IS STM gives enthusiasts direct and speedy control over Tv/exposure compensation/ISO/AF operation settings. The lens’ fixed aperture also provides a perfectly circular bokeh and their large focal length enables photographers to blur the background suffiently when photographing subjects in the distance – an excellent pprox.dstic for animal portraits as subjects stand out more.

Both extenders use the advanced high-refraction, low-dispersion glass to control curvature of field and chromatic aberration of magnification for the highest possible image quality. They also feature an optimised lens coating and a three-layer combined lens to reduce ghosting. Further enabling superior optical excellence, the extenders boast a heat shield coating to prevent performance deterioration in high temperatures and offer weather sealing when used with a compatible L-series RF lens. In addition to this, when used with the RF 100-500mm F4.5-7.1 L IS USM, zoom range is limited to 300 to 500mm when the extender is connected to prevent the lens’s rear elements from hitting those of the extender.

End. (09/07/20).