Yesterday as many will know, Canon had a major online launch of some important new products.

I think the photographic industry did need that, not of course Canon’s main competitors, who are now up against some strong products to say the least.

But I am thinking of the retailers who like many facing uncertain economic times. This gives an opportunity of customers being driven to them from Canon’s large following. And it would be nice to think people go into stores if practical, as otherwise we run the risk of further diminishing numbers.

I learned long ago that even during times of economic hardship for many, there are still plenty of people who do have enough free spending money to invest in things such as new camera equipment. Many more though will be concerned about their livelihood and paying the rent/mortgage to invest at this time.

While others will no doubt be looking to sell existing equipment to fund a new product purchase. Used products can be good for retailers, or offers from Canon’s competitors as they respond. And ultimately end users.

A couple of observations about the Canon announcements. I have had both an immersion in the world of professional photography, plus the technical world of photography throughout my career. In many ways the two ideas have for some time competed against each other. The new products while technically amazing (rightly take a bow Canon), do they not take us even further steps along the ‘photographer not required’ route? By that I mean that the skills once needed, are now incorporated into automation for so many things. Be there and press the button, has a resonance with anyone who knows they’re photography history. George Eastman the founder of Kodak had a famous quote.  ‘You press the button and we do the rest’.

I a not criticising Canon specifically, as virtually all companies are traveling down the same route. In essence, the easier it is to get a result the more likely you are to sell greater numbers of products which is the main reason companies make cameras and other items after all.  In uncertain times they must do all they can to keep sales ticking over.

But as I say, the products sound very good. Not just the cameras, but I like the look of the optics, and even the printer I think is a beautifully placed product at this time.

The launch itself was slick and the format I thought nice. I did smile though as having been an Ambassador/Evangelist/Influencer for a number of companies, the ‘Ambassador’ sections while good to watch, do not really mean much. When you think about it, does anyone believe that any Ambassador for any brand on such a global stage is going to say anything negative? Being there is amazing PR for them, and of course there are rewards in other ways. No, what you tend to do is talk to each other about any issues you may have had. That is the same no matter the brand. But those sections did make the event flow well.

Good interviews with Canon personnel also, nice mix and good questions. And I liked the duration. But surely, as nice as she was and good in the role, the host should have been advised to get her dress sense right for such a high profile professional launch?

The press releases are in separate posts below. A good day for Canon certainly.

End. (10/07/20).