The Rouge ‘Flashbender’ products are one of two brands I use for much of my Speedlight photography.

The range has now been updated. Not sure how long before in practical terms they become available, but here for now are the official details.

Once I get a chance, I will give an opinion. But honesty is the important thing, so as a user, I will want to see what benefits they offer over the current generation II options.

My experience with the brand since the off though, is that they introduce only when a better product is designed.

Here we go with the official details:

The new Rogue FlashBender v3 fits an even wider variety of lighting equipment; a new internal mesh structure improves FlashBenders’ versatility, and a new quick-release buckle and high-grip strap make for an even quicker and more secure attachment, all while retaining FlashBenders’ pack-flat portability

Birmingham, UK, 26th March 2020 – ExpoImaging, Inc., creators of the popular Rogue FlashBender speedlight modifiers, today announced the availability of the new Rogue FlashBender v3 reflectors and softbox kits.

As portable lighting has continued to improve and change with technology, photographers are using an even larger variety of portable strobes,” points out ExpoImaging CEO and FlashBender inventor Erik Sowder. “We developed an updated design that allows FlashBenders to be used with an even greater variety of lights. FlashBender v3 modifiers will fit everything from very small speed lights to larger portable strobes.

FlashBender v3 is Designed to Fit a Wider Variety of Strobe Shapes and Sizes
The new attachment strap incorporated into every FlashBender v3 modifier can be adjusted to fit strobes as small as 17cm (6.75”) and as large as 43cm (17”) in circumference. This adaptability means that FlashBender v3 modifiers will fit small flashes like the Nissin i400 or Godox TT350S, often used with today’s smaller mirrorless camera bodies, as well as full-size flashes such as the professional Nissin MG80 Pro and the Godox AD200, along with different shaped flashes like Profoto A1X and even larger strobes. And, of course, the FlashBender v3 fits flagship flashes from Canon, Nikon and Sony. As the mount is incorporated into the FlashBender v3, there are no bulky, expensive mounts to purchase separately, or that need to remain attached to flashes when not in use.

New Internal Mesh Makes for Even Better Shapeable Lighting Control
Rogue FlashBender v3 retains the incredible flexibility of the original FlashBenders, which were designed to morph into multiple shapes, allowing for creative lighting control using a single modifier. The new v3 design improves on this and retains shape by incorporating a structural mesh inside. The mesh, combined with the FlashBenders’ shapeable rods, makes it even easier to form a FlashBender v3 into a variety of retainable shapes.

Pack Flat Portability and Versatility Mean It’s the One to Carry with You
The renowned portability of the Flashbender has carried over into the new range making them extremely accessible for all location shoots. FlashBenders fold flat and can easily sit on top of other gear or slide into a laptop slot in a bag. FlashBenders are the ultimate “there when you need it” modifier because they can stay in your bag without taking up any significant space.

Photographers looking to travel light will be hard-pressed to find anything as adaptable as the FlashBender v3 light modifiers; a single FlashBender v3 can act as a reflector, gobo, snoot or low-profile softbox using a Rogue Diffusion Panel v3, included as part of the FlashBender v3 Soft Box kits.

Quicker and More Secure Attachment
FlashBender v3 will also attach and detach more quickly and securely than previous versions: “We added a new quick-release buckle and super grippy material to the inside of the strap,” points out Sowder. “Once you’ve adjusted the strap size to fit a particular strobe, you can attach and release the FlashBender v3 very quickly and feel confident it’s not going anywhere.”

Choose Your Size: FlashBender v3 Small, Large or XL

  • FlashBender v3 light modifiers will be available in 3 sizes optimised for different applications. The FlashBender v3 Small Reflector (254mm x 178mm (10.5” x 7”) and 110g) and FlashBender v3 Small Soft Box Kit are perfect for on-camera flash.


  • The FlashBender v3 Large Reflector (254mm x 288mm (10.5” x 11”) and 170g) and the Large Soft Box Kit are great for off-camera use on light stands or booms as well as on-camera use.


  • The FlashBender v3 XL Pro System (330mm x 400mm (13”x16”) and 300g) includes the largest FlashBender available and is designed exclusively for off-camera creative lighting applications. The XL Pro Lighting System includes the Frank Doorhof Special Edition FlashBender v3 Super Soft Silver XL Pro Reflector, an XL Pro v3 Diffusion Panel to convert the reflector into a low-profile softbox, and an XL Pro v3 Strip Grid attachment to create soft light with more edge control.End. (26/03/20).