I want to thank all of you who have booked on our workshops going forwards. And the many who have been on such events in the past.

I had hoped to run one more workshop tomorrow before posting this, but unfortunately, one of the team has developed a cough in the last 24 hours, so purely as a precaution this event has been cancelled.

My thanks to the delegates who still booked, had said they were still willing to attend. But I hope everyone appreciates that in these unique times, we must all work together for the benefit of all in society.

Therefore after communications with partner companies, I have cancelled the immediate events for the foreseeable future.
This will be looked at again on a very regular basis, baring in mind the current government and medical advice, but I believe all will understand this proposed action.

Those who have pre booked will of course be offered refunds, but also a place on the rearranged date when one becomes available for any particular course.
I am sure though that for many, other things will be taking their focus and photography may or may not ,be put on hold on an individual basis.

However, photography can also be ‘therapeutic’ and if you feel you would like you’re photography ‘fix’, turning a negative into a positive (forgive the pun), i am still going to be active.

Time has always held me back in getting this training site filled with what I wished it to do. So now, going forwards starting next week, you will see more content, hopefully inspiring. Alongside, we have plans to offer different ways of accessing the content and style of my events that many kindly speak highly of.

I get on really well with those of you who come along to workshops and other events. Particularly those who kindly attend again and again. 
So to everyone not just delegates, but all I know in the world of photography, I hope you and yours stay well as we all move forward through this unique time.

My very best wishes to all.


End. (20/03/20).