By now, many may already know that the NEC Photography Show & Video Show, scheduled to take place between March 14th and 17th has been postponed until September.

I have been a presenter at the annual NEC show over most of the last thirty years or so. But this year was only planning to visit myself.

In reality, I like many thought this may happen. And credit the organisers.

To be honest, while many will be inconvenienced and some will no doubt sadly loose financially, both individuals and companies, it is still the right and professional thing to do under the exceptional circumstances. I guess as well the various feedback channels the organisers have, most likely has indicated a diminished attendance which would also have played into the thought process no doubt.

Some companies may have stock they can not return which is unfortunate. But ultimately, while we can choose to go or not as visitors, many working the show, would have been under some pressure not to drop out, even though they had reservations. So I am happy for them if that is the case.

End. (09/03/20).