Yesterday saw the announcement that The ‘Nikon Schoo’l in central London has now closed as a physical entity, going online instead.

The Corona virus has been the cited reason after trailing on line events during lock down.
I have been involved with training for Nikon to its customers for longer than anyone in the UK now. First as part of my role  ‘The Advisor On Photography’ in the 1980’s, and amazingly every year since I left the company, I had been involved in events and around the UK, alongside my professional photography commitments.
In the 00’s things got quite busy again, and many days were spent at the then Kingston HQ and around the British Isles hosting workshops for both enthusiasts, dealers and professionals. The success, but in a building that was then short on space, were among the catalysts to the opening of the London School.
Again I was  initially involved hosting many events there. As often happens in business, with dedicated staff, the maths from a budgeting point come into play. Not taking into account a persons skills or proven track record when they are not an employee, and the doors there closed for me some years ago.
The virus has quite possibly been a catalyst for a decision that may well have been made anyway. The London venue cost significantly and Nikon did downsize their physical premises after leaving their long term home in Kingston last year for a smaller base in Surbiton.
Having been involved in Nikon training for over three decades, it is fascinating to see how things move on as time passes. I wish them well as they are nice people at the school, and I think they will do well in the next chapter.
As for me, I am very proud of the numbers I have helped during the last three decades or so, and continue to do so independently where I can put all of my combined professional shooting and Nikon expertise to good use.

End. (14/07/20).