When: Saturday October 12th 2019.
Where: Park Cameras, West Sussex.
Level Of Content: Intro/intermediate/Advanced.








‘Black & White Digital Photography’ Workshop

One of my favorite types of photography is working in black and white or monochrome. I cut my teth on it and time has if anything, increased my appreciation.

Some do not see the benefits, after all, we live in a colourful world, and are bombarded constantly with colour imagery.

But black and white photography is an art form in its own right. Demanding its own approach, requiring a different ‘mindset’ to create above average images on a consistent basis.

When done badly, black and white results put people off. But when done well…

This workshop is a wonderful mix of practical shooting elements and explanations throughout the day..

It simply provides a clear, motivating roadmap, and enables those with a passion or possible interest to concentrate and achieve most in minimum time.

It contains more than my book on the subject written some years ago, as it brings things completely up to date.

An inspiring event, from the conceiving of our images, to using step – by – step tools and techniques, at the capture stage, and then into post capture, then output.

Delegates are requested to bring a camera and a lens of at least 85mm (Full frame) or equivalent. A ‘macro’’ or ‘micro’ lens of similar focal lengths is also ideal.

Some Of The Key Areas Covered:

  • Understanding and implementing a monochrome mindset.
  • Popular routes too black and white, the pro’s and cons.
  • Maximising you’re in camera options to achieve high quality monochrome images out of camera.
  • Filtration – what type, when and how to apply it and why.
  • Exposure and metering for best monochrome results.
  • Getting the best Jpeg and Raw file potential.
  • Post capture – the tools that work well in major programs.
  • The paper canvas.

Q & A throughout.

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End (19/07/19).