When: Saturday December 1st 2018.
Where: Clifton Cameras, Gloucestershire.
Level Of Content: Intro/intermediate/advanced.











I am pleased to say we now have the details finalised for our popular and highly respected workshop ‘Speedlight School, Flashes Of Inspiration’ in Gloucestershire at the start of December.

Clifton Cameras will once again be our hosts, and thank you to those who gave such kind feedback following our event there in August. This one will again open up and inspire a life time of Speedlite/Speedlight use, regardless of your systems of choice.

This Course Includes
An overview of flash and how it works.
Understanding your flash unit’s controls and information displays.
Understanding your options with camera exposure modes and other camera settings combined with flash.
Flash unit exposure modes – what they can and can’t do.
Getting the best ‘in hotshoe’ results.
Working with flash inside & out.
Understanding & using fill-in flash.
Demonstration of lighting quality, and how to control it.
Real-world guidance and demonstration of practical lighting solutions for common situations.
Wireless off camera flash shooting – shaping your light and subjects.
Useful third-party light shaping tools.
Q & A throughout.
Course Notes Supplied.

N.B. Please bring your camera, flash and a lens (around 85mm on full frame), plus plenty of storage space as this day has practical shooting components to help cement it’s content.

Further details and to book, please Click Here to go to our partners booking page.

End (02/11/18).