When: Wednesday September 25th 2019.
Where: Park Cameras, Burgess Hill, Sussex.
Level Of Content: Intro/intermediate.

LED Product Photography Workshop…









For general business use or simply for web images, constant LED lighting is now a popular option for product shootings.

Step-by-step, this workshop is designed to tackle from the ground up various kinds of products, showing tips of the trade based on John’s decades of experience.

With a proven road map to follow, this makes the whole process smoother regardless if you do it all in camera, or combine post capture skills for part of the solution.

Shooting table top and similarly sized subjects, we explore through explanation and practical shooting, various subjects made from plastics, glass, metals and other materials.

This event is suitable for any camera or lighting system user. We use a variety of LED lighting options to suit various budgets.

Some of the content covered:

  • Composition, angles and focus points.
  • Techniques for getting the desired depth-of-field.
  • Supporting your subject in place.
  • Getting the best exposure.
  • Getting accurate or desired colour.
  • Dealing with reflections.
  • Using constant light – LED, fluorescent or tungsten.
  • Utilising common lighting accessories to creating the desired shape, line and form.
  • Tethering.
  • Utilising your cameras logical features.
  • Further touches to ease and enhance the overall workflow.
  • Background options.

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