When: Saturday January 12th 2019.
Where: Park Cameras, Burgess Hill, Sussex.
Level Of Content: Intro/intermediate/advanced.

If you are interested in exploring the skills and techniques of studio lighting, our very well received and popular workshop ‘The Lighting Studio’ is a proven solution.

Packed with step – by – step information, it takes people from the ground up, producing images ranging from the simple too far more exciting and eye catching images at a much higher level.

Clear explanations, plenty of practical fun (people really do enjoy it), and supporting notes are supplied.

Please bring your camera with an 85mm or equivalent focal length on other formats, as this is a ‘hands on’ event. Other lenses are of course optional.

Some Of The Content Includes:

  • Understanding studio flash.
  • Camera settings for studio lighting.
  • Using a flash meter for simple to more advanced studio lighting arrangements.
  • A practical guide to using reflectors, umbrellas, soft-boxes and other common accessories for people photography.
  • Practical lighting arrangements for repeatability.
  • Working in and around a home or small studio/office environment.
  • Capturing the head shot to full length images.
  • Solutions to common people lighting needs, such as photographing people wearing glasses and dealing with various body and face shapes.
  • Posing & composition tips.
  • Creating clean white backgrounds.
  • Creating the ‘natural’ backdrop.
  • Creating ‘the quick’ backdrop solution.
  • Numerous ‘genre’ styles including lighting for portraits through to fashion imagery.
  • Practical shooting sessions.
  • Real world explanations.

Course notes will be supplied, although you are welcome to bring a pen & paper for any notes you may wish to take.

Further details and how too book via our partners booking page, please:

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End (14/11/18).