As we progress through these unique times, we will of course be bombarded with both stills and moving footage (both physically and emotionally). It must make a Picture Editors job difficult.

On the one hand, hard hitting imagery can upset, but do we not need this is to a degree to help communicate the seriousness of the situation?

For example, many would have seen the emotions of the critical care nurse recording in her car, when she could not after a long shift, find fundamental food stuffs on the shelves. This hopefully will make many stop and think about our duty the too others, as we will only get through this with a team effort.

So I was all in favour of mainstream media piggy backing onto what I believe was a social media starting point.

But there is conversely a downside to constantly showing upsetting imagery. The impact will I guess diminish with continued exposure. In turn, do we use more and more shocking options? And is there not a need for some ‘happier’ images to lift the spirits and give hope?

Certainly for mainstream media, the decisions of what to publish and show, rests on the shoulders of the editors. But it must be a particularly tough call during these times.

End.(23/ 03/ 20).