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Speedlight School – ‘Portrait Photography – Inside Out Workshop’

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Speedlight School – ‘ Portrait Photography – Inside Out Workshop’

A head shot to an environmental portrait, from friends and family to the bride and groom. Business people to that person who simply has ‘character’.

Portrait shooting is truly an art in itself. Enjoyably challenging, fun and very rewarding once you have the skills to realise your options.

An idea follow on from John’s ‘Nikon & Canon Flashes Of Inspiration’ workshop, or for those who have mastered the basics of their Speedlights/Speedlites operation on and off camera, this course goes further into this fascinating subject.

Warmly received for its inspiring content, this day is Ideal for the enthusiast to the pro photographer shooting subjects of any age or gender.

This workshop provides real world solutions to consistently rewarding portraits. and logical routes to get you there, with the indispensable tool of portable flash.

Common to our events, there are also lots of general photography and equipment tips to bring everything together alongside the main aspects of the day.

  • How to light and sculpt your subjects with Speedlights.
  • The best lighting arrangements for different face and body shapes.
  • Explore the head shot from business to beauty.
  • Understand and bring to life the ‘Environmental’ portrait with lighting attachments that work well with Speedlights.
  • Shooting outside – working with or against natural light.
  • Dealing with glasses, skin issues and more.
  • Step – by – step easy to assimilate and repeat lighting scenarios.
  • Q & A Throughout.
  • Practical sessions throughout.

Delegates are requested to bring a camera, a Speedlight/Speedlite and a lens of at least 100mm (Full frame) or equivalent.

A ‘macro’’ or ‘micro’ lens of similar focal lengths is also ideal. And if desired, standard or wider angle lenses for the environmental portrait elements on the day are optional, but not a necessity.

Your Host Photographer

A working professional photographer, with many decades of real world experience to draw upon, John’s client list includes the corporate world to the Great British Public, Photographing  across various genres of people and commercial photography.

With respected technical expertise alongside, John was also Nikon UK’s ‘Advisor of Photography’ for a number of years, and continues to work with a number of imaging and lighting companies as a consultant, ambassador and educator, sharing his skills.

Author of over a dozen books, he also had ‘technical consultant/contributor’ roles on many photography magazines in the UK previously. 

A sought after presenter, John’s workshops and seminars excite and inspire, due to his concise, but often highlighted amenable style. 

His events demystify the technical and inspire the creative aspects. Drawing on his combined experiences, from his extensive technical background, too creative eye-catching photography, helping others along their journey from the beginner too the enthusiast and pro photographer. 

What people have said about our courses…

I really enjoyed the course – your enthusiasm and passion is infectious and you’re genuinely one of the nicest people I’ve met in the world of photography
E Cerri
Thank you for a brilliant course and notes! It was a brilliant day!
Great stuff. Just wanted to say thanks again for a great day
P Lock
Hi John. Many thanks for firstly two very informative and well conducted courses – I can’t recommend your style of teaching and content of courses enough
Mike Maxfield
Hi John, thanks so much for the course, it was so helpful
N Epelle
Thank you for being a great teacher. Incredibly passionate, patient and clear with your explanations. It was an excellent day. I hope I’ll get chance to join you for another course in the near future
Charlotte Cowling
Thought I would just send your some feedback on the event I attended today at Calumet Drummond Street. Amazing. Apart from being a great photographer, John has the ability to teach too, able to convey complex issues in a clear and understandable way, which obviously requires great understanding of the subject matter. The structure and pace of the course was excellent, allowing time for questions whilst covering essential information during the day . Can’t believe I learnt so much in one day. And as a bonus John is such a kind, friendly guy whose enthusiasm is infectious. Well done Calumet for holding this seminar. Rating for course 10/10 – could not have wished for more in one day
Dot Ward
Excellent expert, could not convey his instinct for lighting enough, overall excellent stuff
Kenny Graham
John hosted a studio lighting course in August. Great course – John is amazing at getting across his knowledge – top guy!
B Seal
I would really have liked to stay another hour or two to tap into your expertise and experience. I really want to say how much I enjoyed the course.
Philip Weir
The images I have obtained are far beyond my wildest dreams which really pays homage to your excellent guidance.  It was great to spend the day with such lovely like minded people and as a group I thought we all worked together well.  As I mentioned at the time, both the pace and level of tuition you give is spot on.
Hugh Waghorn
Thanks for a great day today. You had a great team there and the location was top class – I am sure I could spend a full week there and not exhaust all the potential shooting options …… and it goes without saying it was great to be able to call upon your knowledge and experience to both qualify my personal learning and also expand my knowledge and ideas through your insight
Jon Southcomb
Just a quick email to say a big thank you for all your hard work yesterday. It was just as you promised, a very interesting and rewarding day and whilst I haven’t had time to do more than unload the pictures to my PC, I have high hopes that there are some great ones there.  I really appreciate all the energy and enthusiasm you put into these courses and I hope that I will be able to retain all the knowledge!
P Everest
Big thanks to John “Speedlight Commander” Clements @gophototraining and Harrisons Cameras for Saturday’s Nikon seminar.
Richard Crook
*Brilliant* flash course w @gophototraining training today with john clements. Suddenly a huge amount of stuff makes sense. thank you john!
M Saxl Photography
John Clements is a really good instructor. He makes you want to do it.
S Niroomand
John is great at explaining, and has excellent skills. I really enjoy his courses.
Alan Harrington
Absolutely fantastic study day.
Louise McDermot
Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed today’s workshop. John Clements was both engaging and informative and his relaxed style made everybody feel at ease and make the most out oftheir seminar experience. I had some doubts whether I would benefit much from the workshops, however within the first 5 minutes I soon realised that Johns experience and teaching skills was highlighting top-tips and important camera craft that will take my photography to another level.
Paul Williams